Our brains really like change. Not only does it feel good to see something new, changing small things in your environment can actually help you learn more and can improve your memory. That's the beauty of a Odd Nerd Vintage poster hanger - you can collect a few different prints to use with one poster hanger and rotate the artwork you display. ONV poster hangers are made with the same materials and finishes that they would have been made with 100 years ago when things were made well and meant to last. They are handmade with solid oak wood and finished with real brass thumb screws that have been antiqued by hand in small batches. I use milk paint to stain and paint the wood and I finish it with my own wax made from organic hemp oil and pure Canadian beeswax. Even the hemp twine used for hanging is organic! I print in house using a commercial printer with archival pigment inks, and I print on quality canvas fabric and fine art paper. I keep prices fair by selling exclusively online. So go ahead and give your brain the stimulation it craves!

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